Thursday, December 18, 2008

14 December 2008 Valuev vs Holyfield Boxing Result

Valuev vs Holyfield - Boxing fighting beetwen Kingkong and human. So you must be so curious about the result of Nikolay Valuev vs Evander Holyfield Fighting Result. Well, you don’t have to wait until December 20, 2008 to get the result. I will let you know by now. The result is… Nikolay Valuev win the fighting.

Evander Holyfield will down on Round 2. Holyfield will be destroyed by Valuev. Sorry people, Valuev will be the winner . Just look at the photos. Hahaha, this is just my prediction. He is the man or Monster from the hell. I think he will appropriate fight with KINGKONG not Holyfield, LOL. What about you?