Sunday, December 14, 2008

Monster NVIDIA GTX 295 caught on camera

Those sneaky folks over at VR-Zone have caught a snap of NVIDIA’s upcoming monster graphics card, the GTX 295.

The GTX 295 is basically two GTX 260 cards slapped together and linked via an internal SLI bridge. These GPUs are the newer 55nm flavor as opposed to the 65nm versions. Thanks to the die shrink, this monster card has a TDP of 290W. That’s really high, but better remember that’s for the whole card complete with two GPUs. A single 65nm GTX 260 GPU had a TDP of roughly 235W.

This card will also feature a total of 480 stream processors. Considering that the original GTX 260 had 216 stream processors either NVIDIA have managed to squeeze out more stream processors with the die shrink, or this is a GTX 260/GTX 280 hybrid.

Oh, and you’ll also get 1,792MB of GDDR3 memory, double what’s on the GTX 260, and two DVI ports, along with a DisplayPort.

It’ll be interesting to see if ATI/AMD come out with something to counter this at CES in January.